Seventeen years ago, I bought a calligraphy book and pen, and determined to learn an art that gave me a creative break from the drudgery of science classes and research papers. Once I began a career, calligraphy became my second job, as I spent my evenings and weekends addressing envelopes with a jar of ink, a steady hand, and an uncanny measure of patience. When a baby delightfully changed everything, I dropped my day job and continued working on calligraphy during nap times. The years have flown by, and now calligraphy makes the school days go by fast. If I can create something lovely to be found amongst the bills and trash-destined contents of your mailbox, that makes me happy.  

Six years ago, my family embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, trading in a predictable suburban life for one on a Caribbean island. I was compelled to capture this experience in photographs, and as a result, my life has been forever changed. I love nothing more than using a camera to document my family's everyday and the beauty that surrounds us. Life has now brought us to Ohio, and there are days that I especially miss water with no end in sight or friends gathering on a beach. Or I miss the closeness of family and North Carolina dogwoods blooming in the spring or Iowa fireflies glowing over summer cornfields. So on any ordinary Ohio day, I can visit those dear, faraway places and bygone moments, made timeless in a rectangle that I can hold in my hands and soak in with my eyes. That is the magic of photography that I love.  

I am most grateful to my son, who is my inspiration and uncooperative model; my husband, who encourages me to do what I love; and God, who creates the gift of each beautiful day. 

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